Ex-bodyguard claims Diddy almost let 2pac’s fiancee Kidada Jones drink his pee.

Eugene Deal, a former security for music tycoon Diddy, has told how the Bad Boy Records mogul almost let Tupac Shakur’s fiancĂ©e drink his pee.

Deal recently spoke with The Art of Dialogue about the East Coast-West Coast Hip Hop rivalry in the 1990s.

Diddy almost let 2pac

Diddy was at an awards show, according to Deal, where he thought he had a shot to win “Producer of the Year.”

He claimed Diddy peed in one of the pitchers on their table shortly before the ceremony began.

Kidada Jones, the daughter of producer Quincy Jones and 2Pac’s girlfriend at the time, then approached Diddy’s table and struck up a discussion.

“She was talking to Puff and then she grabbed for the pitcher and poured her a drink of… ginger-pee,” Deal explained.

“She was on the verge of drinking it when [Diddy’s bodyguard] Wolf intervened.”

Deal went on to say that Kidada Jones, who was pals with Diddy’s children’s mother, Kim Porter,

He continued, “No, he didn’t stop her.” “I suppose he was planning on allowing her to go.” That time, we were all guilty. There’s no way around it: Every single one of us was responsible. The only one was Wolf… Wolf, too, I believe, was acquainted with her. Initially, I didn’t recognize her. That isn’t a reason to say nothing, but…”

“Yeah,” Deal responded when asked if Diddy was aware that Jones was 2Pac’s girl. That nonsense in the industry is so close to being true. I could tell you about a million girls who have been married to rappers, who have been with rappers, and who I used to put in the cab every morning at 9 a.m. from Puff’s residence. Man, they’re all doing the same girls.”

2Pac was joined by Kidada Jones.

Kidada Jones was with 2Pac when he was slain in Las Vegas in September 1996. She recalled ‘Pac not wanting to go to the Mike Tyson fight at the MMG Grand that night in a 1997 Vanity Fair article, but he’d already promised Suge Knight he would. He also chose against wearing his bulletproof vest because it would be “too hot.”

She claims she still regrets her decision. Shortly after leaving the battle, 2Pac was shot 13 times and taken to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

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