Former Manchester City doctor dies after returning to the mountain where he proposed to his wife 27 years ago.

When he and his wife visited a mountain where he had proposed to her 27 years ago, the former Manchester City Football Club doctor plunged 300 feet to his death.

Dr Jamie Butler, 54, proposed to his wife Margaret on Striding Edge in the Lake District in 1994, according to an inquiry.

Last November, the pair from Altrincham, Greater Manchester, returned to the Lake to retrace their steps and rekindle the romance.

According to the hearing in Cockermouth, the mountain had a special place in the couple’s affections.

In the afternoon, the pair went for a walk. Margaret declared she was too fatigued when they arrived at Striding Edge, so Dr Butler took a solo walk down it.

Former Man City doctor falls to his death after revisiting mountain where he proposed to his wife 27 years ago

Mrs Butler recalled seeing her husband walk away into the mist in a statement. She shouted after him after he went missing for a time but received no response, so she phoned the cops. Her husband was discovered dead from many injuries below the crest by mountain rescuers.

Dr. Butler joined Manchester City Football Club’s medical team in 2007, was promoted to senior medical officer in 2009, and afterwards worked as a physiotherapist for Premiership rugby union team Sale Sharks.

Doug Jones, a former coworker, told MailOnline:

“He was a lovely guy who never said anything negative about anyone.”

“The staff and players at both Sale and Man City adored him….you couldn’t help but warm to him.”

The death, according to Coroner Kirsty Gomersal, was an accident.

Mrs Butler stated about her husband’s death:

“Jamie was a devoted spouse who loves his two twin sons.

“He will be remembered for the rest of his life. He died doing something he enjoyed.”

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