John Travolta earns his 737 pilot’s license.

On Sunday, the “Saturday Night Fever” star announced on Instagram that he has upgraded his aeronautical credentials and is now certified to operate a 737 plane.

In a video, Travolta, 68, said, “A very proud time in my aviation history.”

“I just earned my 737 license to go along with my 747 and 707 licenses, and it went extremely well, so I’m simply sharing my joy with you.”

In the comments section, Travolta’s renowned buddies were quick to congratulate him on his success, with Mötley Crüe singer Tommy Lee commenting, “Ata boy captain.”

Donnie Wahlberg added, “So very cool.”

“, commended Naomi Campbell.

Travolta was excited to tell his followers about his milestone accomplishment.

Travolta acquired his first pilot certificate in 1978, after learning to fly at the age of 15 years old.

He owns a Boeing 707, a Bombardier Challenger 601, a Boeing 727, and three Gulfstream jets, to name a few.

John Travolta and his kids pose in front of an airplaneThe actor, pictured here, posing with children Ben and Ella in front of one of his many planes.

Travolta has long used aviation as a form of escape, and his property in Florida even includes a private airstrip for his planes.

In 2008, Travolta told CBS News, “Aviation has always rescued me out of everything in my thoughts that is blue.” “I can brighten myself up by looking at an airline timetable and brochure.”

Travolta has also served as an ambassador for Qantas, an Australian airline, since 2002.

He regularly commemorates “National Aviation Day” by sending photographs to his 3.8 million Instagram followers taken from 30,000 feet in the air.

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