Jordan Pickford, Everton’s and England’s No. 1 goalkeeper, is being investigated after a major brawl in a Tyneside bar.

Jordan Pickford, England’s No. 1 goalkeeper and Everton goalkeeper, is reportedly the subject of a police investigation after a major brawl broke out at a bar in South Tyneside.

Pickford’s buddies were enraged, according to SportMail, when he was teased for his ‘small arms.’

Following that, a brawl broke out in East Boldon, leaving one man with a fractured nose and another with a smashed phone while documenting the scene.

The police are investigating and seeking witnesses, although there is no evidence that the Everton goalkeeper assaulted anyone, according to The Sun’s article on the incident.

Pickford and his group had left by the time police arrived, which was believed to be around 9 p.m. on Sunday.

‘He was getting goaded, like they do,’ a witness said in the report. “Little arm” was the only thing I heard, and that was it. It got started. As soon as they walked in, it happened.

‘They hadn’t even had time to fetch a drink,’ says the narrator. One of the boys had his nose fractured.

‘Pickford was unharmed in any way. As soon as it started, he was out the door. Before the cops arrived, Pickford’s gang boarded a minibus.’

‘We received a report of a disturbance at the Beggar’s Bridge bar,’ said a Northumbria Police spokeswoman.

‘It was alleged that a fight broke out inside the premises between two groups of males.’ An investigation is now underway. Anyone with knowledge is encouraged to call police.’

Everton did not respond to a request for comment.

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