Julia Fox reacts to reports that she has been grieving over Kanye West’s desire to reunite with his family.

Julia Fox has rejected a report that she was observed looking “tearful” at the airport after Kanye West’s split.

According to the Daily Mail, Kanye and Julia Fox’s relationship is “gone.”

Julia was seen crying as she flew out of LAX and liking Kim Kardashian’s tweet, according to the outlet. Julia allegedly deleted all photos of Kanye from her Instagram account, despite the fact that he is still visible in her most recent set of photos, according to the website.

Fox responded on her Instagram Stories after seeing the tabloid’s allegations.

“If anything, I’ve been laughing more than before, and if I look like s—t, it’s because I got off the plane at Terminal 1 and sprinted on foot to Terminal 7,” the actress, who has a 12-month-old kid from a previous relationship, explained. “Because I was fkin late for a plane to meet the only guys who count, my son and my father.”

Julia Fox reacts to report that she

Following that, she went after the article that stated she liked a post shared by Kim Kardashian in a separate since-deleted Story.

“And just for the record,” she said, referencing a prior remark she made on an Instagram post about the situation, “I never stopped like Kim’s posts [love emojis].”

“Crying where @dailymail,” she captioned a video of herself at the airport.

Julia Fox reacts to report that she

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