Larsa Pippen denies getting a buttlift, blaming it on her hard work.

Larsa Pippen denied getting a Brazilian buttlift during the “Real Housewives of Miami” reunion on Thursday, though she did admit to having other plastic surgery.

“I had a nose job done. My lips have been reshaped. “And that’s basically it,” she said, adding that she got her breasts done before the third season of the reality show.

When questioned if she had worked on her abs, Pippen flatly denied it, blaming it instead on good old-fashioned exercise and weight gain.

She told broadcaster Andy Cohen, “I basically work out seven days a week.” “If you look at my photos from five years ago, you’ll see that I weighed less than 100 pounds.” I’m 140 pounds currently, so my legs and arms appear to be thicker than they were previously. My entire body has shifted…. I work out, so my body is tight.”

Pippen, 47, admitted to her co-stars that she had no qualms about going under the knife to improve her appearance, telling them that she will do whatever makes her “feel good.”

“I consider myself to be a highly progressive person.” I’m into trends, and I’m prepared to try anything that makes me feel and look beautiful. On the Peacock show, she explained, “I’m that person.” “I’m quite pleased with how I appear.”

Larsa Pippen in a bikini on the beach.

Lisa Hochstein, who just underwent a $120,000 dental makeover, has also been chastised for the amount of plastic surgery and procedures she’s had.

Hochstein, 39, responded to a fan on Twitter in December, saying, “I’m very aware I had too much filler in my face.” “Since we wrapped, I’ve deleted a lot of it.” I was addicted… thankfully, it’s reversible. So there you have it.”


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