Louis van Gaal, the Netherlands coach, has revealed that he has prostate cancer.

Louis van Gaal, the former manager of Manchester United, Barcelona, and Ajax, has revealed that he is battling prostate cancer.

On the Dutch television show Humberto, the Netherlands’ head coach announced the diagnosis while promoting his new film, LOUIS.

He claimed that he had kept the sickness a secret from his players for a long time in order to protect them mentally.

‘During each phase of my time as national team manager, I had to leave in the middle of the night to go to the hospital without the players knowing till now, while thinking I was well, but… I am not,’ he claimed.

‘I believe you don’t say things like that to people you work with because it might impact their decisions and decisiveness.’ As a result, I assumed they shouldn’t know.’ Van Gaal claimed that he was suffering from a ‘very aggressive form’ of cancer, but that he was staying positive as he thanked the hospital personnel for their care.

‘Prostate cancer does not kill you, at least not in 90% of the cases.’ Other underlying disorders are usually the ones that kill you.

‘However, I had a really aggressive form and had been irradiated 25 times.’ Then you’ll have to manage a lot of things in order to get through life.

‘In the hospital, I did receive special treatment.’ When I went to an appointment, I was let in through the back door and immediately ushered into another room.

‘I’ve been treated exceptionally well. Of course, you’ll tell your friends and family about it. The fact that nothing has come out yet also speaks to my surroundings. That’s fantastic.’

Manchester United and Barcelona, two of Van Gaal’s past clubs, were quick to express their support for him on Twitter, writing: ‘Everyone at Manchester United is entirely behind our former manager, Louis van Gaal, in his struggle against cancer.’

‘I’m sending you strength and courage, Louis,’ says the sender.

Netherlands coach, Louis van Gaal reveals has prostrate cancer

The Catalan giants also sent out a heartfelt message to their ex-boss on social media, writing: ‘Our thoughts and prayers go out to former Barça manager Louis van Gaal, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Stay strong, Louis, and get well soon.’

Netherlands coach, Louis van Gaal reveals has prostrate cancer


Van Gaal spent two years at Manchester United, winning the FA Cup in his final season.

He won the Champions League with Ajax in 1995  and he won league titles in Spain and Germany with Barcelona and Bayern Munich, respectively.

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