McGregor affirms his desire to own Manchester United, Chelsea, or Celtic FC.

Irish Mixed Martial artist Conor McGregor is currently exploring the option of owning a football club as a franchise, with Manchester United, Chelsea or Celtic being an option.

The 33-year-old former UFC Champion is one of the wealthiest sports athletes in the world and is no doubt trying to bite more than he can chew with his recent claim.

McGregor made it absolutely clear in a recent interview that he is seriously considering owning one of a few huge football franchises.

He confirmed his intention with a quoted tweet that read: “I do not speak in jest. I am exploring this, as I said.

Celtic from Dermot Desmond, Manchester United from the Glaziers, and now the recently up for sale Chelsea football club.

All being explored. A football franchise purchase is in my future make no mistake about it.”

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