Mexican woman found dead and nak3d in the boot of her car after going missing after a Valentine’s Day rendezvous with a “American man.”

A Mexican woman was discovered dead and naked in the boot of her car in Tijuana after going missing after a Valentine’s Day rendezvous with a ‘American man.’

Elizabeth Martnez Cigarroa, 25, was reported missing on February 14 after going to a beachside bar to meet the mysterious man, according to her relatives. Her lifeless body was discovered three days later in the back of her white Jeep Liberty in the city of Tijuana, Mexico, in the foetal position.

Ms. Martnez received many hits to her face and head, according to a forensics study.

Her family informed authorities that this was her second date with the man, who they assumed was a US citizen.

Mexican woman who vanished after Valentine?s Day date with ?American man? found dead and nak3d in boot of her car

Francisco Martinez, Ms. Martinez’s brother, informed Jornada BC that the family had reported her missing on the day of her disappearance and given authorities the address of the hotel where she had gone.

Three days later, her 2010 white Jeep Liberty was discovered on a roadway in the city’s downtown region.

When police and firefighters got on the site, they unlocked the car and discovered the young woman’s body in the foetal position in the trunk.

Mr. Martinez paid tribute to his younger sister, who had recently completed an undergraduate degree in international business and was the youngest of seven siblings.

“My sister was a really calm, cheerful person who was a decent person who had no difficulties with anyone.”

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