Months after being released from conservatorship, Britney Spears announces she’s expecting her third child.

Britney Spears, who is 40 years old, has announced that she is expecting her third child.

The singer, who is engaged to fitness model Sam Asghari, 28, announced the news on Monday, April 11, months after being released from a conservatorship that she claimed stopped her from marrying and having more children.

“I dropped so much weight to go on my Maui trip just to gain it all back,” she wrote. ‘Geez,’ I thought. ‘What the hell happened to my stomach?’ ‘No, you’re food pregnant,’ my husband said.

“Well, I took a pregnancy test… and, yeah, uhhhhh… I’m expecting a child… I got a little more food pregnant four days later. It’s becoming bigger.”

To avoid media attention, Spears stated she “won’t be going out much” after her announcement.

Britney Spears announces she

Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, are Spears’ boys from her previous marriage to Kevin Federline.

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