On Mother’s Day, a baby was taken to the hospital after falling from a first-floor window onto the street.

A toddler has been admitted to a hospital after he fell from a bedroom window left open due to the warm weather.

The 18-month-old boy woke from his cot and managed to climb out of the window before falling from the first floor bedroom onto the street in the Richmond Hill area of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

The child reportedly climbed onto his parents bed and then over the headboard and toppled out of the unlocked window on Mother’s Day, March 27.

The police has placed a cordon around the scene.

Baby in hospital after falling from first floor window onto street on Mother

Mum Mikaela Chubb, who has been at her son’s hospital bedside since he fell last night, said : “Its so hard being a parent sometimes. His dad always checks the window is locked but this one time he didn’t. That’s what makes this an accident.

Baby in hospital after falling from first floor window onto street on Mother

“The child was asleep in his bed. He woke up and climbed onto our bed, then over the headboard onto the windowsill.

“This is an ongoing game/issue and we could never have imagined this happening.

“The window is locked 99% of the time but due to the sunny weather the room was aired out before baby’s nap.

“The lock clicked, leading us to believe it was locked. Apparently this one time it was not.

“This was really just a freak accident.. we’re just trying to be here for our boy and get him through this.

“We know we have a lot to deal with in terms of police questions, we’ve already spoke to them. So we are definitely feeling like it is our fault.

“Mother’s guilt is eating me alive right now and his dad! I know I can’t believe it’s Mother’s Day and we’re in hospital terrified what’s going to happen to our boy and to us! I really do try my very best to be the best mum for him.”

She added that her son is now “doing okay” in the hospital.

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