Pregnant Rihanna is seen shopping for baby clothes while wearing a massive diamond ring.

While shopping for baby items at Kitson in Los Angeles on Monday, Rihanna, who is pregnant and expecting her first child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, wore a massive diamond ring on that finger.

The Fenty Beauty founder, 34, donned a fitting Grave Digger T-shirt that just fit over her burgeoning baby tummy, in addition to her sparkly adornment, a Sloan Solitaire ring from Briony Raymond.

Rihanna completed her ensemble with a pair of low-rise jeans, fuzzy stilettos, and a maroon-and-yellow trucker hat with the slogan “Sex is safer than smoking.”

The pop star’s appearance comes just days after she told Elle that she plans to be a “crazy” mother once her baby arrives.

“I feel like that’s the type of mom I’m going to be. Psycho about it,” she joked to the magazine.

Rihanna's hand wearing a diamond ring

Sloan Solitaire diamond ring by Briony RaymondHere is a closer look at Rihanna’s Sloan Solitaire ring designed by Briony Raymond.

Rihanna, who is a big admirer of the “Real Housewives” program, also talked about her favorite Bravo moms.

“Heather Dubrow manages to look stylish while being a mother. I admire how she simply lets her children to be themselves. And that inspires me a lot,” Rihanna explained.

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

She continued, “But Teresa [Giudice] from ‘Jersey’ does not play about her kids. She will flatten you about those kids. And that resonates with me a lot.”

Though Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, 33, have yet to announce an engagement, the “Umbrella” singer told Kanye West in a 2010 feature for Interview magazine that she always dreamed of raising a family with a spouse by her side.

Rihanna holding her baby bump at a Fenty Beauty event

“I definitely think a child deserves both parents. It would be selfish of me, because of my pride and independence to say, ‘Oh, I just want a sperm donor, because I can do it myself,’” the Barbados native said at the time.

“I can do it myself, but that’s not fair. I don’t know if I’ll be married or anything. But however the father is in the child’s life, he’s going to be in the child’s entire life.”

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

Rihanna added that she’d be able to “handle” any situation that came her way, “but in a perfect book, there would be marriage and kids.”

Rihanna revealed her pregnancy in January with paparazzi pics of her and A$AP Rocky taking a stroll in Harlem. She and the “Praise the Lord” MC have been dating since early 2020. They went public with their romance in November of that same year.

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