Rapper Tyga won’t be charged in domestic violence case

Tyga, an American rapper, will not face criminal charges in a domestic case that his ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson accused him of a few months ago.

Camaryn Swanson, Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, accused him of placing his hands on her after an argument at the rapper’s house in October, and he was detained on suspicion of domestic violence. The rapper surrendered to authorities, and his bail was set at $50,000.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s DV case was forwarded to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office so that they could decide whether or not to bring charges against him.

The matter has now been transferred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, according to the LA County DA.

The rapper, who won’t face charges as long as he keeps out of jail, will meet with cops to discuss how to handle domestic conflicts more effectively in the future.

Prosecutors may file misdemeanor charges in the case if Tyga does not stay clean for a period of time, according to reports.

Rapper Tyga won

The claims haven’t stopped Tyga from spending time with Camaryn, and the two are slowly rekindling their relationship. According to TMZ, the relationship is currently casual and not romantic.

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