Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther, was detained and handcuffed after being mistaken for a bank robber (video)

Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther, was briefly held by Atlanta police after being mistaken for a bank robber.

The incident occurred on January 7, but Atlanta police only released video on March 9th.

Coogler, 35, went to Bank of America to conduct business.

Coogler allegedly handed the teller a withdrawal paper with a note on the back that said, “I’d like to take $12,000 out of my checking account in cash. Please count the money in a different location. I’d prefer to be unnoticed.”

When the transaction amount exceeded $10,000, the bank teller mistook the incident for an attempted robbery and contacted her employer.

The cops were summoned and came at the bank, where they apparently detained two persons.

When they entered the bank, they placed Coogler in handcuffs and led him out of the bank. “From the call we got, sounded like someone was trying to rob the bank,” one of the officers says in the bodycam footage. Coogler was later released.

Bank of America has now apologised for the mistake at the bank. Coogler confirmed the incident to┬áVariety, saying: “This situation should never have happened. However, Bank of America worked with me and addressed it to my satisfaction and we have moved on.”

Watch the arrest below.

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