Spanish officials seize stuffed endangered animals worth £24 million, including elephants, cheetahs, and lions.

A warehouse in Valencia was raided by Spanish officials, who seized a massive collection of over 1,000 endangered stuffed animals. The find, according to the country’s national police force, Guardia Civil, is one of the greatest ever discovered in Europe and is worth a staggering £24 million on the black market.

According to Spanish authorities, the seizure includes 405 animals, including a cheetah, lion, and polar bear from protected species, as well as at least one extinct specimen.

The scimitar oryx, commonly known as the Sahara oryx, is a magnificent white antelope that was previously widely distributed over North Africa.

The warehouse owner is currently being investigated for smuggling and offenses against the protection of flora and fauna, according to a police statement issued Sunday, April 10.

‘The agents will proceed to analyze all of the evidence provided by the author in order to justify the possession of the aforementioned pieces in the next phase of the operation.’ The cops continued.

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