Tatiana Kulikova, a Russian model, perished in a tragic accident in Argentina.

When the bus collapsed, a lovely young model who was on her way to see her lover was catapulted through a window, sending her flying more than 200 meters down the highway.

Tatiana Kulikova, a 27-year-old model, has worked for a number of lingerie and fashion firms. The girl spent a year working in Argentina before deciding to return home to Russia because she was homesick.

She was visiting her partner to say farewell on a double-decker bus just days before her departure home. When the accident occurred, the model was sitting in the front row of the bus on the second floor, facing the wide glass viewing windows.

When the bus collided with a huge Mercedes Benz truck delivering commercial drinks, it was speeding down the highway. Investigators are “perplexed” as to why the bus collided with the truck that was parked on the side of the road.

The bus came to a complete stop after the accident, and Tatiana Kulikova was thrown through the front glass. The girl was launched into the air after crashing through the glass.

At great speed, the model was launched hundreds of feet down the roadway. Investigators claim her body flipped numerous times head-over-heels in mid-air before landing in the central lane.

The lovely Russian girl was killed almost quickly when her corpse skidded across the highway and was ripped apart. She was pronounced dead on the spot.

Tatiana Kulikova’s remains were discovered up to 220 meters (700 feet) away from the bus. The only person killed in the accident was a young lingerie model.

Her body is being prepared to be returned to Russia. The bus driver is the subject of a criminal inquiry.


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