Tearful Justin Dean eventually explains why he divorced Korra, lamenting the fact that his children are being kept from him.

Justin Dean has finally opened up about the reason he divorced his wife Korra Obidi so soon after she welcomed their second daughter.

The doctor claimed that Korra repeatedly said hurtful things about their first child; that she said she regrets giving birth to June.

He explained that on the night he came online to announce his marriage was over, Korra repeatedly said she regrets birthing June and June was in his lap crying.

He said he called his mother and she heard Korra repeat that over the phone.

He alleged that Korra then forcefully tried to take June from him and she dislocated the 2-year-old’s shoulder.

He also said that the night he came on live video, telling Korra to repeat what she said, that was what he was asking her to repeat.

He added that Korra is now withholding his kids from him to hurt him.

He said he got messages that Korra was neglecting their kids and when he went over, he saw this was true so he took the kids with him.

He explained that he later returned the kids to Korra and asked her to watch them for a bit because he needed to go to work.

However, when he came back, Korra’s friends gave him court papers showing that she has filed a restraining order against him and he can’t see his kids for a while.

Crying, he said he wants access to his kids and doesn’t want his newborn to “endure what June’s endured the last few years.”


Tearful Justin Dean finally reveals why he divorced Korra as he cries out that his kids are being withheld from him

He said: “That’s why I’m divorcing Korra, because she used the kids to hurt me and I thought that was wrong. And I didn’t want Athena (their newborn daughter) to go through the same things that June’s endured the last few years.”

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