The body of a missing father was discovered in a river, being devoured by a massive crocodile (video)

A enormous crocodile attacked and ate a parent, and it was caught on camera.

Last Tuesday, Feb. 15, Luther, 51, was dragged underwater by a 13-foot-long croc in Indonesia, despite his friends’ futile attempts to scare it away.

When the beast pounced on him in North Kalimantan province, he was swimming in the water after harvesting palm leaves near the Bebatu River.

Luther fought the croc and struck it in the head, but it wouldn’t let him go.

The crocodile is seen dragging Luther into the water while screaming.

“This is where a person was attacked by a crocodile but has not yet been located,” a voice can be heard saying in the footage. We’re working on a video.

Body of missing dad found in river being eaten by huge?crocodile (video)

Authorities were alerted to the attack, and they scoured the area unsuccessfully. Luther was last spotted by a local who was able to capture the occurrence while the crocodile feasted on him and then vanished along the same river.

The filmmaker, on the other hand, did not anticipate the crocodile appearing alongside the sufferer.

“Oh my God, the crocodile ate the man,” the horrified local can be heard saying in the background.

The event was promptly reported to rescuers, according to village head Mahmuda, who assisted in the search for the guy.

He stated, ” “This is a true story. Luther was the victim’s name. There have been previous reports of humans being attacked by crocodiles in the canal.”

Plantation managers have even posted signs warning residents not to approach the canal, which read: “There is no activity in this region because it is harmful. There’s a crocodile in the area.”

Locals are terrified after seeing Luther being devoured by the massive reptile.

Due to the distant location, the army and police joined the search and rescue mission, but Luther’s body has yet to be located.

Body of missing dad found in river being eaten by huge?crocodile (video)

Lieutenant Colonel Tri Prio Utomo of the Tana Tidung Military District said: “We are constrained by the location where there are lots of bushes, branching canals, and inadequate equipment but our team will try our best to find the victim.

“We urge everyone not to come near the canal so please obey the signs to avoid these incidents from happening.”

In December 2021, 30-year-old Zainal Abidin went missing after being bitten by a crocodile in the same area.

Watch a video of the crocodile that ate Luther


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