The decision to hold the World Cup in Qatar, according to Holland manager Louis van Gaal, is “stupid.”

The World Cup being held in Qatar, according to Holland manager Louis van Gaal, is “crazy.”

Suggestions that the goal is to grow football in Qatar, according to the former Manchester United manager, are ‘bull****.’

‘Everyone knows that I think it’s stupid that the World Cup is there,’ Van Gaal remarked, according to Eurosport.

‘That we will play in a country that will allow football to develop? That’s a load of nonsense. It everything comes down to money and business interests. That is significant in FIFA.

‘How come you don’t think I’m on a committee with my experience?’ I’ve always been against such organizations.

‘This isn’t right.’ In Qatar, I can say that, but [my opposition] does not assist the world solve this situation.’

Thousands of migrant workers have perished in the run-up to the World Cup, raising questions about their rights.

Furthermore, there have been numerous accusations from human rights organizations about state-sanctioned abuse.

Van Gaal was speaking before of Holland’s forthcoming friendlies against Denmark and Germany after the team qualified for the tournament by winning their qualifying group.

Gareth Southgate recently expressed concern that England’s LGBT supporters will be unable to go to Qatar, where homosexuality is prohibited.

‘I found it difficult to link together the human rights issues.’ But I believe I’ve made my point.

‘The first was the construction of the stadiums, and there’s nothing we can do about it now.’ There are undoubtedly ongoing issues regarding workers’ rights and living conditions.’

‘It appears to be universally recognized that it is better than it was, but not to the level that people believe it could be, and that policies put in place are not always implemented as they should be.’

‘Then there are the concerns that could endanger our supporters when they travel, such as women’s rights and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.’ Unfortunately, based on conversations I’ve had, I don’t believe some of those groups will survive, which is a big shame.’

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