The private jet of Elton John was forced to make an emergency landing.

Elton John was on the verge of turning into a “Rocket Man.”

The famous musician was forced to make an emergency landing after the private plane in which he was traveling had a hydraulic failure at 10,000 feet.

John was on his way from the United Kingdom to New York, where he’ll be performing at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. However, only an hour into the flight, something went awry, and the pilot was forced to do a U-turn near the southern Irish shore.

Winds of up to 80 mph forced the plane, which was adorned with a large E, to abort landing twice while ambulances and fire crews waited at Farnborough Airport, which cleared a runway.

“The plane was being buffeted and was unable to land.” A witness told The Sun, “It was horrific to watch.”

Another witness, plumber Philip Thomson, claims that when word got out that the twin-jet Bombardier Global Express was in trouble, the airport fell silent.

Aerial photograph of Farnborough Airport, Hampshire

“We couldn’t make it because the plane was being buffeted,” Thomson explained. “The plane’s nose was set far too high. The plane was descending and about halfway down the runway when it decided to abandon its attempt to land on the tarmac.

He went on to say, “It flew back into the air.” “When news got out that Elton was in trouble, a crowd gathered. And as the plane circled around for a second landing attempt, the storm was at its worst.”

“On the third try to land, the plane finally touched down. The pilot took a more level approach, and the wind had died a little. “Everyone who was watching was ecstatic,” Thomson continued.

The vocalist of “Your Song” was believed to be shocked by the incident but didn’t want to talk about it.

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