The Tinder Swindler reappears on Instagram, claiming to be after a “high-flying entrepreneur.”

A high-flying businesswoman has claimed she was being targeted by The Tinder Swindler as he resurfaced on Instagram this week.

Clare Harris, 33, claims she was approached on Tuesday, March 1, by Simon Leviev, the scammer whose story was made into a Netflix documentary.

Fortunately, the British director said she recognised the convicted fraudster, whose real name is Shimon Hayut.

Clare said she confronted him about his past and he told her it was all lies and “bull****” and that his accusers were “paid actresses”.

Tinder Swindler resurfaces on Instagram and

She added: “When I questioned him about his crimes, he started going mad. It didn’t wash with me. He quickly deleted all the messages but I saved them. “I have no doubt he was trying to come on to me and get me to meet.” Clare said Simon told her that The Tinder Swindler documentary was nonsense.

He told her the scam claims were old and did not add up — boasting that he could spend £200,000 to £300,000 in minutes and still had Ferraris lined up in his garage.

Leviev sent Clare three videos where he goes through piles of printed documents highlighting what he says are factual errors from the Netflix documentary, including credit card statements, images of him kissing an unnamed blonde and flight tickets.

Clare, originally from London but now living in Tel Aviv, said: “For a start, why is he adding me when he has a girlfriend? “How does he think anyone could be so stupid as to believe a word that comes out of this mouth? I called him a p***y and told him to prove he did not scam the women. He lost his s***.

“He messed with the wrong woman if he thought he could worm his way into my life. Absolutely no way would I ever give him a penny.

“I am sure his girlfriend won’t be too shocked to see he is messaging random women again. Guys will be guys. “She is going out with the Tinder Swindler after all.” Simon, 32, has been accused of conning £7.4million worldwide out of women he met on Tinder.

Tinder Swindler resurfaces on Instagram and

He posed as the heir of a diamond billionaire to charm women online to try to persuade them to lend him money. He is now banned from Tinder but has popped up on Instagram with the same Leviev name. Meanwhile, the real Leviev family is suing Simon Leviev for using the Leviev family name to scam several women of millions


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