The Wendy Williams Program will be officially ended in June, and Sherri Shepard’s chat show will take its place.

Wendy Williams’ talk show will stop after 14 seasons in June, and will be replaced in the fall by Sherri Shepard’s discussion show.

According to sources close to the production crew, Sherri Shepherd’s arrangement was finalized after Williams’ talk show was canceled, according to an exclusive by Love B Scott.

“At the end of June, the producers notified everyone that the [Wendy Show] will be canceled.”

“Then they hired everyone to work on the new Sherri program in the same breath,” the source told the magazine.

The Wendy Williams Show to be officially cancelled in June and replaced by Sherri Shepard

It was also reported that the official @wendyshow Instagram account is no longer under her control.

Before the cancellation, producers were reportedly scrambling to find a replacement for Williams’ show after she took medical leave due to health issues.

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