Wayne Rooney, a Manchester United great, responds to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘jealous’ remark.

Wayne Rooney, a Manchester United great, has responded to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘jealous’ statement on Instagram.

Following the Red Devils’ 1-1 draw with Leicester City at the weekend, Rooney launched a stinging attack on Ronaldo on Monday, April 4.

‘You’d have to answer no at the moment,’ Rooney replied on Sky Sports Monday Night Football when asked if signing experienced Ronaldo, 37, had worked for United.

‘I think he’s scored goals, and he’s scored vital goals early in the season in the Champions League.’ Against Tottenham, he scored a hat-trick.

‘However, I believe that if you look to the club’s future, you should go with younger, more eager players to help lift Manchester United over the next two or three years.’

Rooney shared an Instagram snapshot of himself in the Sky studio with Jamie Carragher and host presenter Dave Jones on Wednesday. Later that day, Ronaldo made a comment with the words “two jealous.”

At his most recent news conference, the Derby County manager responded to his former team-mate, claiming that there is only one player on the earth who isn’t jealous of Ronaldo: Lionel Messi.

During his current Derby County press conference, Rooney was asked about his former teammate’s remark, to which he answered.

‘I believe there isn’t a single footballer on the earth who isn’t envious of Cristiano Ronaldo.’ His career, the awards he’s won, and the money he’s made.

With a sardonic smirk, he said, ‘The six-pack, his body.’ ‘I believe every player, with the exception of Lionel Messi, is envious of Cristiano.’

Since his return to United in the summer, Ronaldo has scored 18 goals and is the club’s leading scorer this season.

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