“We have unfinished business,” Piers Morgan says in a TV interview with Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle has been approached for a TV interview by Piers Morgan.

The English TV broadcaster, who was fired from Good Morning Britain in March 2021 after a backlash over remarks about Meghan Markle, has now joined TalkTV and will host his own show.

When the show premieres this spring, he’s invited Meghan to be his first guest.

“Fundamentally, what I want the program to do is be a platform for free expression and democratic debate,” Piers remarked in an interview with Sky News Australia.

“And the right for people to get on and express themselves without being shamed or cancelled – because that is the road back for society.”

“I’m sure Meghan Markle will be watching.”

“If Meghan Markle’s watching, I’m sure she is, if you want to be my first guest, we have a bit of unfinished business. I’m available.”

Piers has been accused of being obsessed with Meghan after he made the announcement.

"We have unfinished business"?Piers Morgan reaches out to Meghan Markle for TV interview

Piers previously promised to avenge the Duchess of Sussex when his new TV show and column with The Sun debuted.

“The column is called Uncensored because it does exactly what it says on the tin,” he explained.

“At my prior employment, I was effectively censored and forced to apologize to Meghan Markle for an honest held view, which I obviously wasn’t going to do.”

“Pussy little Princess Pinocchio tried everything she could to get rid of me, and she’ll be in for a rude awakening when I emerge from my den like Lazarus.”

“It was a humbling experience working on Good Morning Britain, but I’m now working somewhere where I can express myself freely.”

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