Will Smith doesn’t ‘deserve’ Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tupac wasn’t a ‘gangsta’: Kodak Black

Jada Pinkett Smith is in the middle of yet another messed-up Kodak moment.

As a tsunami of controversy continues to engulf “Girls Trip” star Jada Pinkett Smith, 50, and her husband Will Smith, 53, in the aftermath of the latter’s career-threatening Oscars 2022 slap, rapper Kodak Black, 24, has weighed in on their marital mayhem with a reprimand and a proposal for Pinkett Smith.

According to TMZ, the always controversial Kodak managed to take a massive shot at the late hip-hop great Tupac Shakur’s street cred in the process.

“Baby, you’re out of pocket,” Kodak admonished Jada Pinkett Smith during a foul-mouthed Instagram Live that went viral on Twitter on Saturday.

“Kodak, come f–k with me.” “You need to do that because you’re on some nonsense,” he added. “Will Smith isn’t someone you deserve.” You’ve earned [Kodak], and you’ve earned me.”

Pinkett-Smith has been embroiled in controversy after several exhumed social media clips have called her 25-year marriage to Smith into question.

Despite the fact that the “Roll In Peace” rhymer was unable to pinpoint the source of his chastisement, the social media scolding coincided with recently resurrected “Red Table Talk” footage of Pinkett Smith admitting that she never wanted to marry the “King Richard” actor and that she did not enjoy their “horrible” New Year’s Eve 1997 wedding.

During a recently uncovered 2018 episode of her Facebook series, Pinkett Smith stated, “I actually didn’t want to get married.”

“I was under so much pressure, you know, as a young actor, and I was pregnant and I didn’t know what to do… “I had no desire to be married.”

Kodak says Pinkett-Smith doesn't deserve a husband like Will Smith.

Kodak says Pinkett Smith doesn’t deserve a husband like Will Smith.

However, it appears that Kodak — who announced in February that he was expecting his third kid, a girl, with the same number of women — would be willing to take a reportedly dissatisfied Pinkett Smith off Smith’s hands.

In an Instagram Live, Kodak teased, “Come f–k with me, that’s what you need to do.” “Because, bruh, the s–t you’re doing ain’t real.” I’ll show you what it’s like to be a true gangster.”

Smith was praised as a “stand-up man” and “gentleman with integrity,” while Pinkett Smith was chastised for committing sacrilege against their holy matrimony. Smith had a “entanglement” affair with singer August Alsina, 29, and has gone public with her enduring affinities for late friend and rapper Tupac Shakur.

Pinkett-Smith has firmly denied engaging in a sexual relationship with Shakur at any time during their years long friendship.

“Long live that boy Tupac, God bless his soul,” Kodak said, “but Tupac wasn’t all the way a gangster his whole life.” Tupac was tragically gunned down in September 1996.

After meeting as high school students at the Baltimore School for the Arts in Maryland in the mid-1980s, Pinkett Smith and Shakur developed a lengthy connection.

While the “Matrix” actress has stated that she and the “Changes” singer never had a sexual connection, she has warmly remembered their genuine love for one another throughout the years.

Her recollections, on the other hand, appear to irritate Kodak.

“Tupac [was] in acting school and dancing, all kinds of s–t,” Kodak remarked, implying that Shakur’s interest in theater lowered his street cred. He chastised, “Stop playing Will Smith like that.”

So far, neither Smith nor Pinkett Smith have publicly responded to Kodak’s rant.


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