Woman confronts man after catching him doing “rituals” at her intersection in Lekki’s Abraham Adesanya estate (video)

A woman went after a man when she caught him performing “rituals” at a junction in Abraham Adesanya Estate, Lekki. The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday, April 5.

When the woman saw the man, she began screaming “Holy Ghost fire” and asked the man what he was doing.

The man, who was barefoot, ignored her and threw something into the bush, then went to the place where he left his slippers.

He wore his footwear and started leaving, but the woman ran after him and kept asking him why he was performing rituals at the junction where she passes.

The man ignored her while she continued to run after him to confront him.

The man was eventually arrested by estate security, according to reports.

Watch the video below.

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