“You could be one of your wife’s stressors if she’s a shell of her former self.” Pastor Laurie Idahosa has a message for husbands.

Pastor Laurie Idahosa has told men that they may be one of the reasons why their wives no longer look as good as they did before marriage.

She shared a photo showing a woman looking well cared for before marriage and slightly stressed as a wife. It also included a response given by a man explaining why this may be so.

The response reads: “Yeah because first is how her parents treat her and second one how you treat her.”

Laurie reacted, writing: “This response is everything! Too often, we blame the woman for the decline in her self image, poise, confidence, etc… Everything stems from somewhere. So, if your wife is a shadow of her former self, consider her stressors. You may be one of them.”


"If your wife is a shadow of her former self, you may be one of her stressors" Pastor Laurie Idahosa tells husbands

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