‘You deserve me,’ says Kodak Black. He would make Jada Pinkett Smith happy than her husband Will Smith.

Kodak Black, an American rapper, has made a public effort to court Jada Pinkett Smith because he believes she would be happier with him than with her husband, Will Smith.

The 24-year-old rapper stated Jada, 50, was ‘out of pocket’ in a weird Instagram Live video and asked her to ‘come f*** with me’ at the start of his video.

In response to her disclosure that she had a relationship with another guy while married to Oscar winner Will Smith, he seemed to condemn her for staying married to him.

‘That s*** you’re doing, man, isn’t real. He said, ‘You got a n***a who loves you.’

Before asking her to ‘Come f*** with Kodak,’ he claimed that Will had ‘been with you throughout the years.’

‘That’s what you need to do,’ he added, adding that she didn’t “deserve” Will Smith.

He exclaimed, ‘You deserve me!’

Kodak also appeared to disparage Tupac Shakur, Jada’s late pal.

He seemed to disparage Tupac for attending the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he met Jada, who was also a student there, saying that Tupac was ‘gangster’ enough compared to himself.

He began by declaring, “Long live that boy Tupac, God bless his soul,” before adding, “Tupac wasn’t all the way cut, wasn’t all the way gangsta his whole life.”

He highlighted the famed rapper’s attendance at’school,’ that Kodak chastised him for ‘dancing.’

The Zeze rapper seemed to imply that Jada’s tributes to her deceased friend were a betrayal of her husband, whom he praised.

‘So quit acting like Will Smith,’ he urged. ‘Will Smith is a man of honor and character. He is aware of who he is.’

Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars last month over a joke about Jada’s shaved head, which is an attempt to conceal up bald patches from alopecia.

The attack drew widespread condemnation, and the Academy has subsequently barred Will from attending the Oscars event for ten years, despite the fact that he had already resigned from the organization.

A tape from Jada’s Red Table Talk show from 2018 was recently discovered online. Jada admitted to her spouse in the video that she ‘never wanted to get married.’

The couple married to appease her mother after she became pregnant with her first kid, Jaden, according to Mail Online, but Jada and Will later agreed that marriage was ‘the right call’ for them.

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