Zari Hassan claims that she now likes Diamond Platnumz more than she did while they were together.

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has confessed that her relationship with Tanzanian singer and her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz has improved after their breakup.

Speaking to the press during her visit to Uganda, the mother of five says she now likes the singer more than she did while they were dating.

Zari said;

“I swear, we have not been in bed together for a long time. We are just friends now and I have now grown to like him more than even when we were lovers”

Talking about her new boyfriend GK Choppa, Zari revealed that the flamboyant businessman tried to get her attention for three years.

She said;

“I didn’t give him attention. But after some time, I decided to meet him and I realized he has a good heart. He is a good guy”

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