A dramatic video captures the moment a fugitive from El Chapo’s cartel is captured during his Baptism at a Mexican church.

Mexican authorities have apprehended a fugitive from Joaqun ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán’s organization.

Last Friday, José Bryan Salgueiro Zepeda was apprehended in the middle of a christening Mass in a church in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Salgueiro Zepeda is one of the suspected leaders of the ‘Los Salgueiro’ family-run criminal gang in Chihuahua’s northern state.

The frightening footage shows the Sinaloa Cartel member, also known as ‘El 90’ and ‘El Brayan,’ standing beside two women and another man, who has been identified as El Chapo’s nephew by the Mexican press.

Dramatic video shows the moment a fugitive member of El Chapo

In the video, the priest who was officiating the religious ceremony asked the group, ‘Do you renounce Satan?’ before one of the women next to Salgueiro Zepeda responded, ‘Yes, I renege.’

As the priest asked them again, ‘Do you renounce all of his seductions,’  a masked soldier stepped out of nowhere and grabbed Salgueiro Zepeda by the arm.

The Chihuahua State Office of the Attorney General said that he acknowledged being a member of the Los Salgueiro criminal organization and a group’s high-ranking leader in Chihuahua.

Dramatic video shows the moment a fugitive member of El Chapo

Salgueiro Zepeda was wanted for his claimed involvement in the kidnapping of a person in Chihuahua on May 19, 2020.

Salgueiro Zepeda is scheduled to appear in court for his arraignment on Wednesday, February 22nd, according to a representative for the Chihuahua State Office of the Attorney General.

Ruperto Salgueiro-Nevarez, Heriberto Salgueiro-Nevarez, and José Salgueiro-Nevarez are all members of the family-run Los Salgueiro organization, and the US Department of Justice offered three $5 million rewards for their arrests in November 2021.

Mexican authorities believe the family brought 15 tons of marijuana and two tons of cocaine into the United States on a monthly basis.

El Flaco formed the Gente Nueva in 2007, which acted as the Sinaloa Cartel’s armed wing, and was purportedly involved in a horrific struggle in Ciudad Juárez from 2008 to 2012 that killed 10,000 people, including cartel members.

El Chapo, who co-founded the Sinaloa Cartel and is accused of making more than $12 billion in drug trafficking, is serving a life term in a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.

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