A manhunt has been begun after a convicted killer who savagely murdered his fiancée refused to return to jail following a one-day parole.

A manhunt has been launched after a convicted murderer who brutally killed his girlfriend fled while on a day release.

49-year-old Jason Mills failed to return to HMP Leyhill in Gloucestershire on Wednesday night, after being handed a temporary licence for the day by prison officials hours earlier.

Jail chiefs raised the alarm when he did not reappear to the open prison.

Mills was jailed for life in October 2001 for the murder of his girlfriend, 24-year-old Toni. A court heard he had brutally assaulted her after a night of heavy drinking.

He was handed the jail sentence even though he denied culpability. It later emerged he had 99 previous convictions including theft, fraud and firearms offences.

This is also coming six weeks after sex offender Paul Robson, 56, vanished from HMP North Sea Camp and spent four days on the run.

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