A Ukrainian surface-to-air missile downs “Russian fighter airplanes” above Kharkiv, bringing the total number of Russian planes destroyed to 88.

Footage has emerged of the moment alleged Russian jets were shot down over Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv.

According to the regional governor of Kharkiv, Oleg Synegubov, the Russian Su-25 fighter was destroyed by Kharkiv’s Air Defence Forces.

The Kyiv Independent said the planes erupted into a huge fireball as it was struck by two surface-to-air missiles (SAM) over Kharkiv’s city centre, before the twisted remains tumbled out of the sky and exploded again upon impact with the ground.

Watch Ukrainian surface-to-air missile shoot down "Russian fighter jets" over Kharkiv taking total of destroyed Russian aircraft to 88 (video)

Ukrainian soldiers can be heard cheering at the sight of their occupiers’ burning aircraft streaking falling out of the sky, as the nation’s armed forces continue to put up a bitter fight against the Russian onslaught.

Synegubov said the plane was part of a squadron of between five and seven aircraft which have been conducting regular bombing runs over Ukraine’s second city.

This comes as Russian president, Vladimir Putin continues his indiscriminate bombing campaigns in city centers, and hospitals which have killed civilians.

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