After being found speeding, a Nigerian nurse was sentenced to prison for running over a policewoman.

After being pulled over for driving 51 mph in a 40 mph zone with her little kid in the back, a Nigerian cancer nurse was sentenced in the UK for running over a police officer.

PC Caroline Green pulled Abiola Akilla stopped for driving without a license or insurance, pushed her down, and ‘never looked back’ as she left her gravely injured on the road.

The 51-year-old nurse who ran over the cop was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Nigerian nurse jailed for running over policewoman after being caught speeding

When the officer walked to the front of the vehicle to take down the registration number, Akilla reversed back onto the road despite being warned to keep there, the officer told the court.

Akilla ‘drove over the top’ of her and fled the scene as she shouted for help on the radio. ‘I was wailing in agony. ‘She was right next to my head,’ she explained.

PC Green suffered five fractured ribs, leg and arm injuries, and scratches and bruises near her head as a result of the hit-and-run in Grays, Essex, in October 2020.

The single mother was flown to Royal London Hospital, where she stayed for a week. She now thinks that, due to PTSD, she will never be able to return to front-line duty.

PC Green described the awful occurrence as follows:

‘She drove up my leg after her front wheel went over my ankle. I believed she’d snapped my leg because I was in so much pain.

‘I went back and hit my head on the concrete, and she ran over my ribs and right shoulder,’ said the victim.

‘I was in excruciating pain and felt a crushing sensation all over my body.’

‘She was so close to my head that I managed to get into a foetal posture between the first and second wheels passing over me.’ The back wheel then slammed into my legs, pelvis, and stomach.’

Nigerian nurse jailed for running over policewoman after being caught speeding

The judge was given harrowing body cam footage of the moment the vehicle ran over PC Green’s body. When the film was screened, Akilla entered the dock crying, but she exhibited no reaction.

After admitting to causing serious injury through unsafe driving, the defendant received a six-year driving prohibition as well as the prison sentence.

PC Green said Akilla’s punishment is “a very little price for her to pay” in a statement released following her arrest. ‘I’ve been through 17 months of emotional and physical torture, and I’m still going through it – it’s like I’m serving a life sentence.’

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