Another 132 civilians were discovered in the Ukrainian village of Makariv, allegedly shot by Russian troops.

Officials reported today that the bodies of 132 civilians were discovered shot dead at a Russian war crime site in Ukraine.

The bodies of the deceased citizens were discovered in Makariv, a town in Kyiv Oblast some 30 miles west of Kiev. According to the mayor of the town, all of the victims died as a result of bullet wounds.

Before Ukrainian troops regained the town from Russian captivity on March 22, almost 40% of the town had been destroyed. Since then, officials have been keeping track of the dead.

Similar sights have been revealed in the neighbouring town of Bucha, where over 400 residents have been found dead. The vast majority had likewise been assassinated.

Following the evacuation of Russian soldiers, workers found bodies from a mass grave in the commuter town, revealing grisly proof of dozens of deaths.

It also comes after two Russian missiles hit a train station in Kramatorsk, killing at least 52 people attempting to flee west.

According to sources, the town has a long history with Jews.

As an attempt to justify the war, Putin – and Russian propaganda – has claimed that Moscow’s invasion is ‘de-nazifying’ Ukraine.

‘As of yesterday, we have uncovered 132 civilians killed by Russian orcs,’ Makariv Village Head Vadym Tokar said on television on Friday April 8.

He went on to explain that 40 percent of the town had been destroyed, and that many of the structures would be impossible to reconstruct.

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