Boeing and Ford have halted their business in Russia.

As the impact of sanctions in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ripples over the global aviation industry, Boeing has announced that it is halting parts, maintenance, and technical assistance for Russian airlines.

Boeing announced on Tuesday, March 1 that key operations in its Moscow office had been halted, and that another office in Kyiv, Ukraine, had been temporarily closed. In addition, the corporation stated that it no longer provides components, maintenance, or technical assistance to Russian airlines.

In recent days, countries around the world have imposed sanctions on Russian carriers, limiting their ability to use leased planes; fly over Western Europe; or buy spare parts. Boeing employs several thousand people in Russia, Ukraine and a handful of former Soviet states, an operation that includes a major design center in Moscow. The company also runs a flight training campus and research and technology center in the city and has a joint venture in Russia with VSMPO-AVISMA, Boeing’s largest titanium supplier.

Another US manufacturer, Ford, which once had three plants in Russia, is also suspending its remaining operations in the country indefinitely because of the invasion. The automaker is part of a joint venture that makes small delivery vans at a plant in Yelabuga, more than 600 miles east of Moscow. It also works with a distributor that sells imported Ford vehicles.

Ford said in a statement;

“Ford is deeply concerned about the invasion of Ukraine and the resultant threats to peace and stability.

“The situation has compelled us to reassess our operations in Russia.”

Ford shut down its three plants in Russia in 2019 as part of an effort to turn around its struggling European operation.

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