Boris Becker, who is bankrupt, wishes he still had Wimbledon trophies to show his children.

Boris Becker, who is on trial for not handing over valuable memorabilia and other assets during his bankruptcy procedures, says he wishes he still had everything.

Last week, the 54-year-old former tennis star went on trial in London for failing to hand over assets including two of his Wimbledon trophies — including the 1985 championship that made him famous, which he won at the age of 17 — as well as two Australian Open trophies and his 1992 Olympic gold medal.

“It’s all about winning the championship for the player.” According to AFP, Becker told the court, “The trophy isn’t that important when you’re playing.”

Boris Becker claims he cannot find his two Wimbledon trophies, but that he wishes he could, to show them to his children.

“I wish I had them now so I could show them to my kids.”

“It’s a major tournament to win it, but what you keep is like this,” Becker remarked of the Australian Open trophies, cupping his palms together to show the jury.

He continued to refer to the Australian Open trophy as “the smallest” of the grand slams, and claimed that other tennis players “in effect… mocked” it.

Becker was declared bankrupt in 2017 after reportedly earning $63 million in prize money and sponsorships.

Boris Becker hoists 1985 Wimbledon trophy.Boris Becker hoists 1985 Wimbledon trophy.

In addition to the memorabilia, Becker is accused of concealing property and $2.3 million, plus having transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to other accounts, including his estranged wife, Lilly, and his ex-wife, Barbara.

If found guilty, Becker faces up to seven years in prison.

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