Due to ‘continuing manpower casualties,’ Russia is summoning in military reinforcements from around the country, according to the UK.

According to the UK Ministry of Defence, the Russian military is bringing in reinforcements from across the country since it has been losing a lot of personnel.

Russia was redeploying forces from as far away as “its Eastern Military District, Pacific Fleet, and Armenia,” according to the latest public intelligence assessment released Tuesday by the UK ministry, and was increasingly tapping other sources of fighters such as “private military companies, Syrians, and other mercenaries.”

Faced with “continuing manpower losses in Ukraine,” the UK assessment stated that Russia is “increasingly striving to generate additional forces to strengthen and replace its personnel losses.”

“It’s possible that Russia is finding it difficult to execute offensive operations in the face of persistent Ukrainian resistance.”

“Russia will very certainly try to utilize these forces to hold acquired territory and free up combat strength to restart stalled offensive operations,” the UK assessment said.

This comes a day after allegations that Russia has requested economic and military assistance from China, as well as Putin’s request for foreign warriors to assist in its military invasion of Ukraine.

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