He doesn’t like us, and neither do we like him. – In response to rumors that Boris Johnson will soon quit, Russia

The news that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would step down today, July 7, has prompted a response from Russia.

Johnson has drawn criticism for how he handled the Chris Pincher charges as well as various other Tory controversies like Partygate. He reportedly expressed willingness to step down as UK Conservative Party leader on Thursday morning, according to reports.

Johnson has, however, provided Ukraine with financial and military assistance following the disastrous Russian incursion, which has displeased Russian authorities.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, said the following on Thursday:

He (Johnson) doesn’t like us, and neither do we.

He continued by saying that Vladimir Putin and his administration were not overly concerned by reports about the collapse of the Tory leader’s reign.

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