Heather McDonald was taken to the hospital after falling on stage.

Heather McDonald, 51, was transported to the hospital after collapsing on stage during her performance.

After delivering her second joke at her sold-out event, the former “Chelsea Lately” star fainted.

She stated,

“I’ve been vaxxed twice, boosted… flu shot, shingle shot, and haven’t had COVID, and Jesus loves me the most.”

Comedian Heather McDonald hospitalized after collapsing on stage

McDonald fainted after the joke and smacked her head on the floor. According to TMZ, everyone initially assumed it was all part of the performance. She was awake, but plainly something was wrong. Due to the presence of an EMT and a nurse in the audience, they ran up to the stage to offer first aid.

The 911 call was reported as a seizure, but no one knows for sure.

Heather was treated by paramedics once an ambulance arrived.

Comedian Heather McDonald hospitalized after collapsing on stage

The comediam said in a video she posted on her Instagram Stories from a hospital bed:

“As a result, I’m in the ER.” I have an odd appearance. Please accept my heartfelt apologies.

“I passed out in front of the audience.” I got up, said one joke, and immediately felt woozy.”

McDonald then pointed to her eye, which was damaged and swollen somewhat. She stated,

“You can see my eye since I fell on it.”

“I’m not sure how this happened. They had to order everyone to leave and then cancel the second show because I’m so upset.”

“Tempe, I will be back,” she promised at the end. In my entire life, I’ve never, ever fainted.”

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