On Facebook live, a man kills his child’s mother, then engages in a shootout with police before killing himself (video)

After a shooting at an apartment complex in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, three people were killed, including the suspect.

Police received a call concerning firearms fired at Park Plaza apartments on Saturday morning, February 5.

In a press conference, Chief Nimmer stated that the event appears to have started as a domestic incident.

The defendant, a 26-year-old man, shot and killed his child’s mother, a 23-year-old lady.

When the suspect attacked his baby mama, he also killed a 31-year-old guy who came to her help.

In addition, a 36-year-old guy was shot and injured. He is anticipated to make it out alive.

The 26-year-old shooter engaged in a shootout with police officers when they arrived, which he livestreamed on Facebook.

He is heard delivering his final words near the end of the video. He requested that his child stay with his maternal grandparents because he had already slain his child’s mother.

He also persuaded a friend who owed him money to give all he owed him to the mother’s parents so they could raise his child. He then asked his acquaintance to keep an eye on his child on a daily basis.

Before shooting himself, he uttered a prayer on Facebook live.

According to Brown Deer Police Chief Peter A. Nimmer, what began as a domestic quarrel in the building’s parking lot, corridor, and second story ended in shooting.

Man kills mother of his child then engages in shootout with police on Facebook live before killing himself (video)

The witness, Eric Lewis, 36, said he was awakened by gunfire and saw a man brandishing a gun out a window of the Park Plaza Apartments building.

That man was in a fight with a lady who Mr. Lewis thought was the gunman’s girlfriend, according to Mr. Lewis.

According to Mr. Lewis, the woman fled, pleading for help. According to him, a guy and a woman emerged from a car to assist her, but the gunman shot the man who attempted to help. According to him, the gunman then pursued and shot the woman he believed to be his girlfriend.

“We know at least two knew each other,” Chief Nimmer said during a news conference, adding that the police were unaware of the relationships of all of the victims.

The victims’ identities have not been revealed. A 23-year-old lady and a 31-year-old man died, according to Chief Nimmer. According to him, a youngster was found in the gunman’s residence but was uninjured and placed with relatives.

Mr. Lewis claimed he dashed to the parking lot to assist the injured when the gunman reappeared from a second-story balcony, shooting multiple rounds from a revolver.

Mr. Lewis was wounded in the right ankle and was treated and released from the hospital. According to Chief Nimmer, a round also hit an officer’s car. According to him, no officers were hurt, and no officers fired their firearms.

Officers heard a gunshot after the gunman opened fire on the police, which they suspect was the attacker taking his own life. The gunman was taken to the hospital, but he did not survive.

The gunman was not officially identified by the authorities.

The shooter livestreamed his final moments in the video below.


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