In a new song, Jada Pinkett Smith’s ex-lover criticizes the ‘entanglement’ affair.

The former sweetheart of Jada Pinkett Smith is singing like a canary.

August Alsina, the R&B vocalist with whom Pinkett Smith, 50, admits to having an adulterous “entanglement,” appears to be exhuming the twisted specifics of their long-ago connection in a new song called “Shake the World.”

Alsina, 29, sings on the single, which he teased via his verified Instagram profile Monday, “Well, of course some s – – t is destined to go down when you tangled up with the world’s fave.”

His provocative lyrics come in the wake of Will Smith, Pinkett Smith’s spouse of nearly three decades, slapping comedian Chris Rock, 57, for taunting the actress about her short hair during the Oscars on March 27.

Pinkett-Smith's former lover, August Alsina, alluded to their affait in new song, "Shake the World," just days after Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Alsina — who formed an incredibly strong and public bond with Pinkett Smith in 2015 and openly confessed to their romantic relationship in 2020 — also mentions being canceled after the leading lady disclosed their affair, alongside a bemused Smith, on her Facebook series “Red Table Talk” in July 2020.

The musician on the track sings, “I heard I was canceled.” “Well, let’s not go there.” As a result of the red dot on my back, I became a target. And that’s what makes me August: I’m flawed but flawless.”

Alsina went public about his relationship with Pinkett-Smith in 2020, which prompted her to confess to their "entanglement," in front of Smith during an episode of "Red Table Talk."

Alsina’s not-so-cryptic lyrics were quickly decoded by digital detectives on Twitter, who are accusing him of reigniting the old embers of his and Pinkett Smith’s fling.

“If you don’t let that entanglement go, August Alsina!” Damn! One cyber naysayer admonished, “That’s probably why she ain’t f – king with you now talking like a Barbie!”

“I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again. Another commented, “August Alsina is moving like a hurt side girl.” “Anyone who still feels sorry for him is a moron.” He was well aware of what he was doing, and he spoke out with malice since Jada had returned to Will. “Plain and simple.”

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