In Bucha, Pope Francis condemns “horrendous cruelty” as he kisses a Ukrainian flag.

As he prayed with child refugees this morning, Pope Francis denounced Russian forces’ “atrocities” and “even more horrific cruelties” in Ukraine.

The pontiff also kissed a torn Ukrainian flag delivered from Bucha, a Kyiv neighbourhood where war crimes are suspected to have occurred recently.

‘Instead of offering relief and hope, recent news regarding the war in Ukraine attests to additional horrors, such as the Bucha tragedy,’ he stated.

‘An increasing number of heinous crimes are being committed against defenseless individuals, women, and children. According to AFP, “these are victims whose innocent blood calls out to heaven and begs for compassion.”

‘These youngsters had to evacuate in order to arrive in a safe nation,’ the pope stated, looking at the children. This is the result of conflict. Let us not forget about them, and let us not forget about the people of Ukraine.’

He also bemoaned international organizations’ “powerlessness,” claiming that “the traditional history of competing big powers” had continued despite the promise that followed World War Two.

Pope Francis slams

‘In the name of God, I beg you, halt this massacre,’ he pleaded President Putin in March.

Images of alleged civilian atrocities committed by Russian military in Bucha before their withdrawal have sparked popular outrage.

The targeting of innocent Ukrainians, especially women and children, was denounced by President Zelensky as “war crimes” and “genocide.”

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