‘It’s a miracle to be back playing football,’ Christian Eriksen, a Danish footballer, says months after experiencing cardiac arrest at Euro 2020.

Christian Eriksen, a Brentford and Denmark footballer, believes it is a miracle that he is able to play football again after falling while playing for Denmark at Euro 2020 last summer.

Denmark was playing Finland in their Euro 2016 opener on June 12th, which had been postponed by a year due to Covid’s injury, when the midfielder fell on the pitch in the 41st minute.

He was given CPR and was transported away on a stretcher after 15 minutes of treatment. Eriksen was conscious in the hospital, and the play began after a three-hour delay, with Finland winning 1-0.

He explained, “I can recall everything except the five minutes.” “I was informed it was five minutes later, but I remember everything else – the throw in, the ball striking my knee, and then I have no idea what occurred after that.” He told the BBC about it.

“Suddenly I woke up with people surrounding me and felt pressure on my chest, trying to regain my breathing, and then I woke up – I opened my eyes and saw people around me, but I had no idea what was going on.”

The former Inter Milan midfielder, 29, is 29 years old.

After being released by Inter Milan, he has signed a six-month contract with Brentford in the Premier League.

“I had no notion what had happened at the time, and then it occurred to me: ‘Did something happen to my legs?’ Is it true that I broke my back? Is it possible for me to raise my leg?’ With all minor things I was trying to figure out what was going on,” he explained.

“Then I heard someone remark in the ambulance, ‘How long was he out for?’ and someone answered, ‘five minutes,’ and that was the first time I knew I was gone.” he continued

When asked if returning will feel like a miracle, Eriksen replied, “Definitely.” I believe it will become increasingly clear as the deadline approaches.

“To my teammates, the doctors first on the field, the team doctors and paramedics, and then at the hospital, to do everything and double-check everything.”

“After that, I got a lot of messages from individuals expressing their support for me and what my family has been through.” It’s been wonderful to see all of the grateful messages.

“I am extremely fortunate, and I have told them directly that I am grateful for what they did; otherwise, I would not be here.”

“It was unlucky in a lucky place for me,” he added. I wouldn’t wish for anyone to get it, and I never expected to get it myself when it did, but I was fortunate with the circumstances.

“It was fortunate that I had so many options available to me.” They had every opportunity to get me back as quickly as they did, and I am eternally thankful.”

Eriksen claims he is in better shape now than he was before the tragedy.

“I’m not going to change my style of play,” Eriksen stated. “I’ve had the time to be disciplined for the last six months to do extras, so even now I may be in better shape than before, with the exception of the football.”

“I feel like myself, so I don’t see why I can’t get back to where I was.”


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