Kurt Zouma, a £29 million West Ham United footballer, ‘may be charged by the RSPCA within DAYS’ as part of an investigation into his cat-kicking video.

The RSPCA is apparently managing their investigation into West Ham defender Kurt Zouma’s cat-kicking outburst ‘at an unbelievable pace,’ according to reports.

The West Ham defender, 27, has already been questioned by the charity’s investigators, according to a source reported by The Sun. Other witnesses about the now-famous footage of the footballer kicking and smacking his cat are also said to have been interviewed.

Zouma’s cats were confiscated this week after West Ham’s sponsors dropped the club in the wake of outcry over his heinous act.

In a spectacular U-turn after their decision to play him on Tuesday evening, the club’s executives have also fined the 27-year-old £250,000 (two weeks’ pay).

Despite the outrage, West Ham has refused to suspend Zouma.

‘The RSPCA has been working at an unbelievable pace even before video of Zouma’s cat maltreatment went viral,’ a source told The Sun. After police provided them the investigation’s lead, there’s a lot of pressure on them to act quickly.

‘If they believe it is serious enough, Zouma might face charges as soon as next week.’ There is a lot of public outrage about what happened, and that is understandable, but the investigation must be completed to the letter of the law.’

‘Two cats are in our custody, have been visited by a vet, and are being well looked after,’ the RSPCA stated Tuesday. While the investigation is ongoing, they will remain in our custody.’

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