Marc Overmars, a former Arsenal player, has resigned as director of football at Ajax after sending ‘inappropriate texts’ to female coworkers.

Marc Overmars, a former Arsenal midfielder, has resigned from Ajax after sending a series of ‘inappropriate messages’ to female coworkers, with CEO Edwin van der Sar acknowledging the situation is ‘appalling for everyone.’

Following negotiations with Van der Sar and the supervisory board following claims of suspected misbehavior, Director of Football Affairs Overmars stepped down, with the ex-Manchester United goalkeeper apparently stepping in temporarily as sports director.

‘Director of football affairs Marc Overmars will depart Ajax with immediate effect,’ according to a statement on the club’s official website.

‘He made this decision after meetings with the supervisory board and CEO Edwin van der Sar in recent days, and he informed them of his intentions.’

‘His decision to leave the club was based on a series of inappropriate communications sent to a number of female colleagues over a period of time.’

Overmars, who had been in charge since the summer of 2012, confessed his actions were “inappropriate” and apologized. He had previously played for Ajax, Arsenal, and Barcelona.

‘I’m embarrassed,’ the 48-year-old remarked. Last week, I received feedback on my actions and how they were seen by others.

‘Unfortunately, I was unaware that I was going over the line with this, but it has become evident in recent days.’ I felt a tremendous amount of pressure come over me all of a sudden.

‘I apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.’ This is clearly improper behavior for someone in my position. That’s something I’ve realized as well.

‘However, it is too late. I don’t think I have any other choice than to leave Ajax. This has a significant impact on my personal life. That is why I respectfully request that everyone refrain from approaching me or my family.’

Overmars’ behavior had been ‘devastating’ for the ladies concerned, according to supervisory board chairman Leen Meijaard, who confessed that there was little choice but for ‘perhaps the best football director that Ajax has had’ to resign.

‘I find the situation disgusting for everyone, and I agree with Leen Meijaard’s sentiments,’ said Van der Sar, a former Holland teammate.

‘As part of my job, I’m also accountable for assisting coworkers.’ It is critical to have a safe sport and working environment. In the near future, we will pay even more attention to this.

‘Marc and I have known each other since the early 1990s, first at Ajax and later with the national team, and we have worked together in Ajax management for about a decade.

‘That has now come to a screeching halt. We’re working on something fantastic at Ajax, so this news will come as a shock to everyone who loves about the club.’

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