Mum retaliates after her parents chastise her for wearing a ‘inappropriate’ attire to school.

When it comes to the early morning school run, we’ve seen parents dressed in everything from jammies to dressing gowns.

However, it appears that even if you put more effort into your look for the day, you will be judged by other parents dropping their children off at the playground.

According to The Daily Star, one mother learned this lesson the hard way after her clothing was deemed ‘inappropriate’ by her children’s parents.

Vanesita ‘Vanesa’ Medina, a lawyer and fitness model, was filmed as she dropped her son off at school in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, by another mother who didn’t believe her tight-fitting playsuit was appropriate.

Vanesa was filmed stepping out of her automobile in a pink halter-neck attire that showed off her toned physique by an unknown parent.

The woman behind the camera makes a remark, claiming that the playsuit is “wrong” to wear in front of young children and that the mother frequently wears racy attire on her way to and from school.

Vanesa, who had previously won the Miss Fitness competition in Bolivia, went viral on social media, with many parents agreeing that her clothing was inappropriate for the occasion.

Vanesita Medina taking a selfie

Following this, Vanesa took to her own Facebook page, where she has 66,000 fans, to respond to the critical comments and defend her outfit choice.

Vanesa expressed her thoughts as follows: “I wanted to thank everyone who sent messages of support, signs of affection and appreciation with such beautiful words, and who defended me on social media over that video that went viral with bad intentions against me that the mother took, wanting to denigrate me, exposing herself with such contempt towards me, and exposing my four-year-old son without knowing it was a crime.

“Her ideas did not turn out as she had hoped. By publishing it and referring to me in that manner, she had the worst intentions.

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