Peng Shuai, a Chinese tennis star, is too ‘tall and strong’ to have been sexually assaulted, according to a Chinese diplomat.

Because of her physical height, a Beijing ambassador claims tennis star Peng Shuai could not have been sexually raped by a Chinese official.

Remember that in November of last year, Peng posted a note on Chinese social media platform Weibo alleging former Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli of forcing her to have sex with him before abruptly disappearing from public view.

She has recently resurfaced, claiming that her social media post was a “enormous misunderstanding” in an interview.

Peng told L’Equipe in a French magazine that she ‘never said’ she had been sexually assaulted and that she ‘never vanished.’

The 36-year-old could not have been assaulted by retired Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, according to Victor Gao, vice-president of the Center for China and Globalisation.

‘She is a very accomplished athlete and physically she can handle things better than many other ladies,’ Gao, who serves as the government’s spokeswoman, added.

‘She can take care of herself and defend herself in front of any man or persons in China because of the maturity of her thinking and the maturity of her physical condition.’

‘Physically, she is a very strong woman who stands at a very great height. He told 60 Minutes, ‘She’s taller than I am.’

‘So forget about it if someone my height tries to take advantage of Peng Shuai.’ You’re letting your imagination go wild.’

He argued that Peng’s allegations were false since she had lived in the public eye for years without showing any evidence of abuse.

‘Whatever happened happened after she turned eighteen.’ Mr Gao stated, “The incident described on the internet didn’t happen a week ago; it happened years ago.”

‘She was a free person at this time, and there was no hint of her being harassed.’

Mr. Gaoli is accused of rape by Peng, who published the first post to the Chinese social media platform seven years after the pair originally started an affair.

She claimed she was taken to a room in the former vice premier’s home and instructed to have sex with the official while a guard stood outside watching.

The tennis player admits to being a “bad girl” and a “hypocrite,” but she felt compelled to tell her experience.

‘I shall do so.’

‘I’m a horrible woman who doesn’t deserve to be a mother, but you’re a father with two children. I’ve asked you this question before: would you have forced your adopted daughter to do this?

‘After everything you’ve done in your life, do you still have the bravery to confront your mother? We all try to act as if we have lofty morals…’

Peng had been absent for several weeks before reappearing and responding to the rumors in an amateur video captured by a reporter.

‘I must highlight first and foremost. She stated, “I have never said or written about someone sexually assaulting me.”

‘That is a critical point.’ That’s what it says on the Weibo post.

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