PETA has accused Bayern Munich footballer Thomas Muller and his wife of animal cruelty over the sale of horse sperm.

Animal rights organization PETA has accused Bayern Munich star Thomas Muller and his wife Lisa, a horse trainer, of animal abuse.

PETA accused the German entrepreneur and his wife of “unnatural sex activities” in their selling of frozen horse semen, which costs £170 each dose.

The charges were made after the Muller family’s horse D’Avie – which the family purchased in August 2020 – was injured ahead of breeding season, with the animal rights group saying that the family’s conduct was unnatural.

Muller and his wife Lisa compete in dressage events with their stable, which houses three horses, including D’Avie, Four Roses, and Bowmore, whose frozen sperm is also sold.

However, D’Avie’s injuries has resulted in accusations.

Muller made the remarks after revealing D’Avie’s injury: “Unfortunately, we have awful news. In the coming months, our favorite D’Avie will be unavailable.

“Unfortunately, he slipped and fell abruptly on his side during a test attempt to prepare for the breeding season.

“He sustained an injury to his hoof and will require complete rest for the next few months.

“He’s a tough lad, and things could have turned out a lot worse.”

PETA spokeswoman Jana Hoger reacted angrily to Muller’s update, accusing him and his wife of indulging in an unnatural behavior.

“It is abhorrent that self-proclaimed horse lovers force the animals in their care to engage in unnatural sex practices in order to maximize profit.

“The injuries that D’Avie sustained while under the supervision of Lisa and Thomas Muller were avoidable and unwarranted.”

Muller has already expressed his passion for horses and his desire to spend his free time with them.

He has claimed previously: “I’ve come to see if everything is in order. And then there’s the carrots. Carrots’ managing director is me! I keep an eye on the dogs. I occasionally assist, but it is my wife’s responsibility.

“It gives me a lot of pleasure. They make me feel at ease because of their attitude, appearance, and (the way they) live their lives.

“It’s entertaining. It’s simple to unwind when you’re among horses.”

This comes after West Ham’s Kurt Zouma was chastised following the release of a video showing the Frenchman assaulting his pet cat.

After a video surfaced of him dropping, kicking, and slapping his pet cat, the French defender was denounced by his club, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, RSPCA, and other animal welfare organisations on Tuesday.

The centre-back made his West Ham debut against Watford and was also included in the starting lineup against Leicester, however he was forced to withdraw due to illness in the latter match.

His club slapped Zouma with a maximum sanction of two weeks’ earnings – £250,000, which will be donated to animal charity organizations.

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