Massive tidal waves drowned 11 people who were taking part in a midnight beach ceremony.

On Sunday, February 13, powerful waves carried away a group of people on a beach in Indonesia’s East Java region, killing around 11 people.

The event occurred on Sunday, despite authorities’ cautions to stay away from the water, according to the Associated Press, citing officials.

According to Java Budi Santosa, Head of the Disaster Management and Mitigation Agency’s Operation Unit, the tragedy happened around 12:25 a.m. (local time) on Sunday while people were performing a traditional ceremony at the Payangan beach in Jember district.

11 people taking part in midnight beach ritual drowned by massive tidal waves

The 11 people who died were among a group of 24 people from various communities who were taking part in a local ceremony.

Participants in the local ritual were required to swim in the ocean, according to the Associated Press, citing officials from the Surabaya Search and Rescue Agency.

The 13 survivors, including a 2-year-old girl, are being treated at a health clinic in Jember’s Payangan area.

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