Rita Daniels is enraged when Regina Daniels’ husband, Prince Nwoko, allegedly pays the bride price of his new wife.

Regina Daniels’ husband, Ned Nwoko, has supposedly married another fair-skinned lady while she is busy touring the world with her son, according to social media.

Regina Daniels has been blasting the internet with photographs of herself and her kid around the world, and it’s beautiful, but the blogger recently dropped a bombshell regarding her marriage, stating that her husband has taken up with another woman.

According to the blogger, Ned Nwoko has already paid his new wife’s bride price, but Regina Daniels’ mother has begged with him not to make it public for the sake of her daughter’s mental health, especially because she is planning to become pregnant again.

Ned Nwoko has been spotted with his new wife at a political event and other public places, but he is keeping it off social media since Regina Daniel’s mother pleaded with him for her daughter’s mental health.

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